Dear friends and families, my cousin needs your help. Julio was diagnosed with irreversible damage to the optic nerve. Also, he is pre-diabetic. He needs an expensive medical treatment for his eyes. This includes two types of medications and regular visits to the doctor. One of the medication has a value of $200  for 20-day supply. He is a definitely a fighter and is proving to us that he is holding strong and fighting to make it. Unfortunately, Julio doesn't have any insurance, therefore his family and friends are rallying around to make sure all his medical expenses are fully covered.
It has been a very difficult journey because  suffer from damage to the optic nerve and prediabetes are medical conditions whose treatments are very expensive. He have to monitor this conditions constantly because damage vision can cause vision loss gradually and is very painlessly. The damage to the optic nerve and the loss of vision are not reversible. Also, he has lost many people in his family, from whom he received material and spiritual support, one of them is his beloved mother and father who died in a car accident years ago.
Julio is a person loved by everyone. He is charismatic, enterprising, and a warrior. The treatment also helps him to fulfill his dream: finish his PhD program in the university. He has worked hard and it has been an emotional drain. Thank you for reading and considering, but most important make his dream come true. He quest is to create a better tomorrow.
If you could support by making a donation and then sharing it with your network, his family and friends would greatly appreciate it. I know money can be tight, so please know that even $5 helps me get closer to his goal! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.
Thank you for reading and considering. The friends and family of Julio appreciate the tremendous amount of support he is receiving. Thank you in advance for your generosity!!

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